[Event] Implanteus launches its seminars program “Implanteus Lectures”

The Implanteus graduate school of Avignon University proposes a cycle of scientific conferences.
This graduate school is supported by the ANR (EUR ANR-18-EURE-0009) with the collaboration of researchers from Avignon University, INRAE, as well as Implanteus international partners.

The seminars will take place on Wednesdays (once per month) and will be broadcast at both the Jean-Henri Fabre and Hannah Arendt campuses from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., except for the first launch event, which will take place throughout the day of January 20 (CERI, lecture hall Blaise).

  • 17 february: Cindy Morris (INRAE Avignon)
    Friends or foes? Plant pathogenic microorganisms that can trigger rainfall.
  • 17 march: Francesco Visioli (University of Padova)
    Nutritional benefits from eating plant products.
  • 14 april: Olivier Dangles (Avignon Université)
    Plant secondary metabolites and their importance to humans.
  • 19 may: Linda Kinkel (Dept. Plant Pathology, University of Minnesota)
    From ecological theory to practice: microbial management for healthy crops.

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The first launch event will be on:

January 20th 2021, at Jean-Henri FABRE Campuse (CERI, lecture hall Blaise)

The title of the four lectures is:

Using medical imaging methods in environmental sciences

  • 9:30 a.m.-11.30 a.m.
    Perrine CHAURAND (CEREGE, Aix en Provence): X-ray imaging in 2D and 3D: multi-scale and correlative approach coupling X-ray fluorescence and tomography techniques. Applications in environmental science
    Yvan CAPOWIEZ (INRAE Avignon): How X-ray tomography and image analysis enlarge our vision of the functional role of earthworms in soil?
  • 2H30 p.m. -4H30 p.m.
    Denis COURTIER-MURIAS (Gustave Eiffel University): Introduction to NMR and MRI and applications in environmental samples
    Eric MICHEL (INRAE Avignon): NMR and MRI to unravel the fate of contaminants