2023 – 2024 : Tutored projects subjects – Master 2 IMAS

Mickael Laguerre, Givaudan – mickael.laguerre@givaudan.com

Stability of anthocyanins in presence of ascorbic acid

In various food products, including beverages or fruits, anthocyanins are found alongside ascorbic acid, a water-soluble vitamin. However, this combination can lead to the degradation of both compounds, negatively impacting their nutritional quality and functional properties, such as color fading or browning. Multiple mechanisms have been proposed, and various experimental approaches have been explored to address this issue. The objective of this tutored project is to conduct a comprehensive review of the extensive literature on this topic, encompassing articles and patents with the aim of (i) elucidating the potential reaction pathways involved in color degradation and (i) proposing effective solutions to delay or pr