IMAS courses for professionals

You want to transform your career and develop your skills in the field of agrosciences, then join the IMAS master’s programme.

The IMAS programme comprises a curriculum in English combining plant and environmental sciences, food chemistry, food processing, microbiology, human nutrition and consumer sciences.
Courses are available at the Jean-Henri Fabre site of Avignon University (Agroparc Avignon site) or by videoconference. The courses are taught by lecturers or teacher-researchers from the Université d’Avignon and the Institut national de recherche pour l’agriculture, l’alimentation et l’environnement (INRAE), all experts in their respective fields of research.

Course principle: choose one or more courses from the list below. Depending on the number of hours selected, you will be awarded a certificate or university diploma.
The courses will be eligible for CPF funding.

>> Cours IMAS Implanteus Bloc 1 Professionnel
>> Cours IMAS Implanteus Bloc 2 Professionnel
>> Cours IMAS Implanteus Bloc 3 Professionnel
>> Cours IMAS Implanteus Bloc 4 Professionnel