[Implanteus Lectures] Tuesday 5th March – “Molecular communication between plants and microbes”, Dr. Elodie Vandelle

The Implanteus graduate school of Avignon University proposes for its fourth year a cycle of scientific conferences, combining face-to-face and distance lectures.

The second conference of the second semester will take place:

Tuesday 5th March at 10 a.m. room B023 Agrosciences

Molecular communication between plants and microbes

Dr. Elodie Vandelle

Department of Biotechnology – University of Verona (Italy)

The lecture will deal with the molecular signals governing plant-pathogen interactions. In particular, it will introduce the elicitor concept as a mechanism for microbe perception and further defense induction by plants as well as plant signal(s) that regulate microbial virulence, with a particular focus on bacterial mechanisms.