[Implanteus Lectures] 15th November : “Microterra: an example of a local bioeconomy project.”, Nicola Rapetti

The Implanteus graduate school of Avignon University proposes for its fourth year a cycle of scientific conferences, combining face-to-face and distance lectures.

The first conference will take place at Jean-Henri Fabre campus, Amphitheater Agrosciences:

Wednesday, November 15th at 2:30 pm

Microterra: an example of a local bioeconomy project.

UFR STS – Amphitheater Agrosciences

Nicola Rapetti

Nicola Rapetti, an agricultural engineer and doctoral student at the University of Montpellier on the circular economy, has a wide range of professional experience in the agri-food industry, having worked with well-known companies such as Arcadie, Royal Canin and St Mamet. Over a period of ten years, he held commercial positions within these companies, working on both organic and conventional farming projects, demonstrating his deep interest in agriculture and his commitment to sustainable farming practices.
For the past fifteen years, Nicola has been dedicated to the development of the Microterra project in the south of France. His commitment to Microterra is driven by fundamental values such as fairness and the sharing of organic matter resources. Her ultimate vision is to achieve territorial autonomy in terms of fertilisers and soil improvers, thereby contributing to the sustainability and resilience of local agriculture. Nicola combines her technical expertise in organic matter with her commitment to creating a positive impact on agriculture and the environment by developing projects with local authorities and agri-food businesses.

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