[Implanteus Lectures] November 16: “Food for health from the consumers’ perspective: how to deal reasonably with the clean label trend?”

The Implanteus graduate school of Avignon University proposes for its third year a cycle of scientific conferences, combining face-to-face and distance lectures. You will find attached the link to follow the seminars:


The first conference will take place:

Wednesday November 16 at 2:30 pm (en ligne, heure de Paris)
What does food science say about the clean label trend?

Professor at Ottawa University, Faculty of health sciences


Consumers must make quick decisions regarding their food choices while ensuring their food will be safe and healthy. However, complex and conflicting information makes this task difficult, and they tend to resort to heuristics such as “clean label”. In this presentation, we will explore the origins and motivations of the clean label trend, and we will analyze it through the lens of current food and nutrition sciences to understand whether it delivers effectively what consumers expect of it.


Nicolas Bordenave is Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa, in Canada. His research aims to understand the molecular interactions between macronutrients and phytonutrients in food systems. His lab explores how such interactions affect the respective nutritional properties of both macro and phytonutrients. In particular, he is interested in how interactions between phenolic compounds and polysaccharides (starch or dietary fibres) affect glycemic response and phenolic bioavailability in cereal, fruit, and vegetable-based food systems.

He is also actively involved with the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) as a member of the Board of Directors of IFT. Prior to joining the University of Ottawa, Nicolas held various research positions at PepsiCo’s R&D centers in Chicago and Leicester (UK).


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