Announcement: new EUR IMPLANTEUS – INRAE ​​doctoral contract

From the year 2021-2022, a second doctoral contract will be offered for co-financing (50%) by the INRAE ​​departments.
The selection of thesis projects (having previously been selected for co-financing by an INRAE ​​department) and then of
candidates will follow the same procedure as for the doctoral contract fully funded by the EUR.

Note: the thesis project must be part of the EUR Implanteus training program.
Its multidisciplinary nature is an asset. The thesis director should be attached to ED536 Agrosciences & Sciences.

For each proposed project, 2 experts from the Scientific Council of SFR Tersys will be asked to give their opinion.
Based on this assessment, the EUR Executive Committee will select the project selected for funding.
The promoters of the selected project will follow the ED536 procedure to select the candidate.