IMAS international excellence scholarship


To be eligible for the international excellence scholarship, applicants must a) reside abroad when applying (except for M1 students who apply for the scholarship in M2), and b) have been accepted to follow the IMAS program (M1 or M2 level).

Application procedure:

The application file is available on the website of the Implanteus Graduate School. It includes an information form to be completed, as well as the following documents:

1. a letter of recommendation (any file without a letter of recommendation will not be eligible).

2. a brief letter emphasizing the quality of the application, especially through a description of the rating system in the country of origin (no need to provide transcripts, already sent when applying for the Master’s program).

> Download the information form

Selection of candidates:

The selection of candidates by the Executive Committee takes place in two phases.
Phase 1: students applying via Campus France. Selection date: 11/04/2024
Phase 2: foreign students applying outside Campus France. Selection date: 11/06/2024
An additional list will be drawn up at each phase.

To be admissible, application files must be sent to the Implanteus Graduate School at the following address: Any application received after the deadline (04/03/2024 for phase 1, 06/04/2024 for phase 2) will be ineligible.


Selected candidates will receive (These scholarships do not include the payment of tuition fees.) :
– in M1: 6,000 euros (plus internship bonuses)
– in M2: 6,000 euros (plus internship bonuses)

The scholarship is paid in three instalments:
50% at the beginning of the academic year, on presentation of a proof of registration;
40% at the end of semester 1;
10% in May.

The award of an international excellence scholarship commits the student to becoming an “ambassador” of the Implanteus Graduate School for the duration of the scholarship. The awardee will thus agree to sit on the Academic Council and be a reference person for the organization of the yearly Summer School.

For students who receive an excellence scholarship for the M1 year, the renewal of the scholarship for the M2 year will be conditional on their M1 results.